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Homework Guidelines

Homework Guidelines




***Weekly homework will be assigned Monday at the bottom of the Newsletter and due on Friday. Cut off the bottom portion of the newsletter and staple to all completed pages (keep top part for important info.)* Both Parent and Student should sign off ONLY if all work is NEAT, COMPLETE, and CORRECTED.  


Math- Practice Book remains at home, specific pages assigned weekly (not consecutively)


Math Facts- Memorize basic facts for weekly timed tests (5+ mins EVERY NIGHT). XtraMath sessions will be assigned as part of weekly homework and completing the session(s) is an expectation.


Spelling- Units will be stapled to Newsletter each week. Please make sure to check your child's answers carefully. Follow directions and ensure all spelling words are SPELLED correctly before you sign off on the unit/assignment.


Language Arts-- 1st semester Packet remains at home, 1 passage assigned weekly. SEE SAMPLE OF WORK QUALITY EXPECTATIONS. **Answer key will be provided to support you in working with your child at home.

Achieve 3000- Articles will be assigned weekly. Students need to read the article closely and take visual notes on scratch paper and attach to the newsletter. This reading strategy helps students monitor and clarify comprehension and visualize the text. After reading and answering the activity questions, students need to complete the thought question (7+ sentences). Use the "hamburger" to plan and organize responses and attach to the newsletter. Revise and edit all thought question responses before submitting.


Reading- 25+ minutes of nightly reading logged daily in planner, signed off by parent


Oral Presentations- “Our Big Interesting World” Instructions, Topics, and schedules for oral reports will be sent home. More information is included in the parent binder sent home at Back to School Night.

Homework should not be a battle, but should be a priority!  It is the student's responsibility to complete the homework on time, read and follow the directions and complete it with their best effort! Please support their academic success by ensuring your child has ample time to complete their work, while practicing good work habits and study skills.




Students should LOG IN USING CLEVER for Achieve 3000, Freckle, GoMath, Epic, and Destiny.


What is the Clever portal?

The Clever portal is a website that links to various third party programs that the district uses, such as Achieve, GoMath, and Renaissance to access Freckle. Some of the Clever portal links (including Achieve), offer Single Sign On, which lets students access the links without signing in with another username and password. If you have ever accessed a website by clicking on a blue “Log in with Facebook” or a red “Log in with Google” button, then you are familiar with how Single Sign On works and the convenience it offers.


How will students use the Clever portal to access Achieve?

The Clever portal address for Carlsbad Unified is:


This link can also be found on each of the district’s school websites


and at the district website on the Technology Page:


What is my student’s individual Google username and password?

Student usernames are up to the first 10 letters of their last name, first initial, and last three digits of the student ID. If I were a student with a student ID of 12345, then my username would be


Student Google passwords can be obtained from your teacher.