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Contact Information


Jessica Hamabe

National Board Certified

3rd Grade Teacher

Pacific Rim Elementary




Ms. Hamabe's 3rd Grade Class

Welcome to room 203! 

Classroom Community Expectations

Classroom rules and routines are established to ensure a safe and positive learning environment. They are expected  to be followed inside and outside the classroom. *Do your very best!!! You can do it! And if you do make a mistake, use it as an opportunity to learn from it. 

Be Respectful

- Be Polite: Use Kind Words and Tone

-Keep Self to Self (hands,feet,body,objects) and be aware of your space

-Practice self control

-Use eye contact

-Look at the speaker and listen with your whole body (WBL)

-Work quietly

-Be honest

-One speaker during a discussion 



Be Responsible

-BEST EFFORT on homework and classwork

-Write planner messages completely and correctly, including behavior

-Ask to have your planner signed nightly

-Record nightly reading (Correct book title capitalization)

-Follow both written and verbal directions the 1st time

-Include name and cubby number on all assignments

-Empty cubby daily 

-Keep desk and supplies organized

-Complete work on time (check Unfinished Work)

-Pick up after yourself

-Library Books

-Keep track of clothing, water bottle, lunch, etc.


Be Ready

-Pay attention and participate

-Line up correctly and quietly

-Transition quickly

-Be prepared with supplies and materials

-Show engagement with whole body


Be Resourceful

-Be a problem solver

-Use what you know/have

-Take initiative

-”See three before Me” Classmates= Natural Resources

-Get or make a new one

-Check School Loop Website (Teacher Pages)



Jessica Hamabe Locker
Google Apps for Education

INTERNET SAFETY- Please be aware if your children go onto their Google Accounts at home they will need to be monitored if they are inserting images into their Documents or Slides. Even if your home computer has a strong filter, Google images come from the web (unlike Powerpoint, which uses clipart from a secure bank of images). Searching for a Google image means searching the WEB. Please, please monitor this at home.