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Planners and Behavior Choices


    Your child should have a binder with pockets inside for work and the planner to bring to and from school each day.  As a consequence for a forgotten, unsigned, or  incomplete planner, OR  incomplete, late, or missing homework/classwork the student will move his/her clip. All  incomplete work will be completed in Study Hall or at home.   A major goal for the entire 3rd grade team is to teach the life skill of Responsibility.


**It is the student's responsibility to show his/her parents the daily information in the planner and have it signed each night. Therefore, if it is incomplete, either the planner message or behavior color, please ask them for an explanation.   Students should record nightly reading and minutes with CORRECT LANGUAGE CONVENTIONS (capitals, spelling, underline).  Please feel free to communicate with us through the planner.  We have found that it is the best form of  valuable, consistent daily communication between school and home.  We sign the planners each morning and use them to communicate with you as well.  


**Please pay special attention to the colored box as an indication each day of your child's behavior choices and work habits.  Please praise your children for their daily EFFORTS and encourage them to grow from any mistakes by accepting responsibility for their actions and setting goals for success.  Ask your child to share with you why he/she moved a clip and discuss the lesson learned from his/her choice and what he/she can do next time.


Green (Great Choices) Yellow (Miss Recess) Red (Study Hall)  Blue ( Principal/

Phone Call Home)