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Karen Wiggins & Shelbi Shira

Daily Schedule

8:15  School Begins


8:45 Reading Groups


10:00 Recess/Snack


10:20 Writing


11:30 Lunch


12:15 Math


1:00 Social Studies/Science/Thematic Literature


1:40 Recess/PE


2:10 Closure


2:30 Dismissal *Thursday 1:35


Volunteers Needed

Please stop by our classroom to sign up for volunteering.  We need parents for all kinds of classroom jobs:

  • Room Parent
  • Art Masters Parents (training provided by the school)
  • Daily Volunteers (hopefully 1-2 each day 8:30-10:00 during Reading Rotations)
  • Prep-work
  • Memory Books
  • Classroom Photographer
  • Take Home Projects
Have A Wonderful Day!
  • Please empty and sign your child's planner each day.
  • Official homework packet will be distributed and discussed at Back To School Night.